Thursday, July 31, 2008


I found this wonderful blog today. I hope my blog can someday be as great as this one. The 'different better' birth story is empowering and articulate. Also, be sure to check out all the 'beautiful babies' posts and photos on the right side.

Confidentiality = No Fun For Blogging

Although much has been happening in my circle of clients/friends/sister midwives; I am unable to publicly share all the details, or any details for that matter. This is kind of a bummer as I see it, because the whole point of having a blog is to tell everyone all the cool stuff that's going on!

I really should have foreseen this problem.

Client Number Two!

I had another interview with another wonderful woman, and another strong couple. It's inspiring to see men and women who trust themselves, each other, and their bodies; who act in ways that demonstrate this trust rather than just saying it with words.

I feel so lucky to have hand-picked families come into my life, to share their pregnancies with me, to share the most life-altering moment with me. I can do nothing more than to honor their trust with honest effort, and presence of mind & heart.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My First REAL Client

Thursday morning I met with a woman looking for a midwife. She came to my house with her two beautiful, intelligent little boys who drew happily on my new ikea easel and drove toy cars on my walls.

We talked and connected on many levels, I really liked her parenting approach and that she was the perfect candidate for homebirth, already having had two before. I sent her on her way with loads of paperwork, information and well wishes as she interviewed other midwives.

Our appointment was between two very long nights for me (supporting a first time mom in labor) so I didn't have a chance to think too much about the interview until today; when she called to hire me! I was so honored that she would chose me over the many other competent women she had met with.

I think this vocation of mine might actually work out. I was thinking of signing up for a job at ikea (since I spend enough time there on my own) or selling my valuable eggs. Thankfully, that won't be necessary.

I am so blessed. I feel so grateful.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little by little, one by one

Today I worked as a substitute at the Montessori, this is to pay the bills. I love the kids, but I hate the job (I spent 1.2 hours slicing apples, slathering mini bagels with cream cheese and cutting them into equal fourths so 90 kids could have a snack).

Today, however, I found myself in a rather engaging conversation with the grounds maintenance man. He and his wife are very interested in having a midwife/homebirth but are afraid of stepping on their own mothers' toes. I encouraged him to have confidence in their beliefs and we talked extensively about the details of having a baby at home. It was so detailed in fact, it was like an interview; wonderful, except...they're not pregnant.

I find myself without clients of my very own but with plenty of non-pregnant folks who would gladly hire me were they only in the market. I also know plenty of pregnant folks who are willing to call me and ask questions that only a care provider could or should answer, but they are not interested in leaving their own OB/CNM/random midwife they found online, whom they do not feel comfortable calling.

I am going on faith at this point, that the powers that be will eventually see fit to deliver returns on these investments. For now, I will just talk to each of them one by one.