Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little by little, one by one

Today I worked as a substitute at the Montessori, this is to pay the bills. I love the kids, but I hate the job (I spent 1.2 hours slicing apples, slathering mini bagels with cream cheese and cutting them into equal fourths so 90 kids could have a snack).

Today, however, I found myself in a rather engaging conversation with the grounds maintenance man. He and his wife are very interested in having a midwife/homebirth but are afraid of stepping on their own mothers' toes. I encouraged him to have confidence in their beliefs and we talked extensively about the details of having a baby at home. It was so detailed in fact, it was like an interview; wonderful, except...they're not pregnant.

I find myself without clients of my very own but with plenty of non-pregnant folks who would gladly hire me were they only in the market. I also know plenty of pregnant folks who are willing to call me and ask questions that only a care provider could or should answer, but they are not interested in leaving their own OB/CNM/random midwife they found online, whom they do not feel comfortable calling.

I am going on faith at this point, that the powers that be will eventually see fit to deliver returns on these investments. For now, I will just talk to each of them one by one.

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Kate said...

We are so happy about your journey. The word will spread!