Thursday, April 23, 2009

I love my clients, and their little ones.

This happy visitor loves coming to my house for prenatals, his mom says he sometimes asks to go to Bri's. Probably because I feed him and have trains and noisemakers.

I LOVE doing prenatals for N, she has a brood of eager assistants.
We all sit around to find out where the baby's bum is and to hear the heart beat.
Of course, they want to hear their babies' hearts as well.
Sometimes it's confusing that there are baby hearts in bellies and regular hearts elsewhere.


Holly said...

So cute.

Candice said...

I love this :) you are such a great midwife

Kate said...

Those pics are so fun. Laying on a couch like that with your kids around looks much nicer than laying on one of those paper-covered tables in a sterile office.

adventurekerrs said...

Elijah remembered right away the pirate booty!

homegrown said...

What a fun life! I love these photos of you and your clients. Kids are the best :)